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HOW CAN i inspire you?

And learn my step-by-step blueprint to rejuvenating the female metabolism and your hormones using nutrition.

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I’m Jess.


I'm a SoCal based Functional Clinical Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & dog cuddle connoisseur. If I'm not helping women heal their hormones, you'll find me introverting, reading a good book and slathering anything in grass-fed buttah.
After birth control left me with PCOS and 3 Autoimmune Diseases, I spent 5 years nerding out on how to heal my body. This is why I can't stop chatting on things like hormones, gut health and metabolic healing. Sorry, not sorry.
Now, it's my job to empower you by educating you on the dopeness that is your body. My philosophy is simple. Eat like your great grandma ate, love your body for what it's made to do (not what it looks like!) and cultivate radical self-care like it's your job.