4 Habits to Master Daily for Healing PCOS Naturally

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This is a love letter to all my driven women out there on a mission to heal.

Whether you're struggling with chronic illness like I did or on a journey towards better health and better life, these are the resounding truths I’ve learned over the past 5 years of healing my body and working one-on-one with women::

#1 Healing is a grind.

There’s no quick fix. It takes time and consistency for your body to pick up the pieces and reverse damage that’s been done in the face of disease. Think about how long its taken for you to get to this state. 20 years, 30 years, 40 years or more? Expect healing to take time too.

#2 The dope thing is...

that the body is an incredible healer when given the right tools. I’ve watched miraculous transformations occur in myself and others. Patience is key.

Never forget that long-term success is not based on 3 week detoxes or 8 week boot camps, but instead lies in practicing seemingly insignificant, healthful habits on a consistent basis.

Habits. Routines. Rituals. Discipline.

Our body does what it can with what it has. There are things your body needs day after day after day in order to do what it has to do and function optimally. Many times, there are weeks, months and even years that go by where we don’t take care of ourselves like we ought to and we end up paying the price down the line.

Below are the four health principles that will create a strong healing foundation for anyone who wants to give their body the tools it needs to recover.

And for the sake of realness, the habits you need for a kickass life.

1. sleep

First things first. Numero uno. I know I’m a nutritionist, but I count sleep as the most important thing for health, healing and longevity.

Not only is it going to slow the aging of your cells down (less stress on the cells = slower aging = youthful glow), but hormonal function and healing rely heavily on rest and rejuvenation.

Think burning fat, better skin, having more energy, supporting your thyroid and adrenals, less blood sugar issues and better periods.

So yes, this means carving out time TO SLEEP. This might mean less social outings at the late night hour, turning off Netflix before the binge really sets in and making sure you are winding down at a decent hour.

I own my grandma-esque 10pm bedtime because its actually my secret weapon.

My top tips for a getting some badass rest:

  • Create a nighttime routine. Wind yourself down. Take a bath, read a book, light a candle, relaxxx.

  • No screens! Light tells your body "Yo! It's daytime. Stay awake."

  • Magnesium times a million. Almost every client i've worked with has seen vast improvements in sleep with magnesium supplementation.

  • Embrace the cold. Cooling down your body temperature at night can vastly improve sleep. Keep the room below 68 degrees farenheit , take a cold shower and drink some ice cold water.

  • Sleep naked. This goes along with keeping body temperature cooler at night. Clothes can keep us way too warm even if we don't feel it.

2. hydrate your bad self

I’m tellin’ ya. This may seem simple, but 75% of Americans are walking around chronically, low-grade dehydrated (source) and its causing all types of problems.

Some signs of low-grade dehydration::
-Tired all the time
-Lack of memory + poor concentration
-Slow Metabolism + Weight Gain
-Blood Pressure
-Chronic Pain
-Digestive Issues

Not pretty. Get the picture? Drink at least half your body weight in ounces (or more!) of purified water throughout the day. And no, drinking coffee doesn’t count.

Check out how I hydrate myself upon waking with my Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Lemonade

3. break up with sugar

Do you crave sugar when your stressed? Sad? When you get home from work? No matter what?

Hate to break it to you, but you’ve got a problemo.

Your body is craving energy and 9/10, sugar will be the kind of fuel that makes you feel great for all of 30 minutes and then leaves you hungry, fat, and craving for more.

Many ladies don’t realize that carbohydrates (yes, even your gluten-free health foods) turn to sugar in their blood. So, after the granola and yogurt for breakfast, the gluten-free pasta, pancakes and vegan snack bars, you're consuming enough sugar to feed a small army. And what does your body do with sugar it can’t use? It stores it as fat.


4. figure out your stress situation

Stress is a killa, we all know it.

But, are you doing anything to get a handle on stress, both mental and emotional?

I see women day in and day out who let stress run them into the ground. Mentally. Emotionally. And physically. They aren’t realizing that their insomnia, mood swings, weight gain or headaches are all due to working themselves into such a tizzy, they literally cannot function.

There is no escaping stress, but there are better ways to handle it then scarfing down a pint of ben and Jerry’s and berating your boyfriend for eating too loud (ahem, guilty.)

Here are my newfound ways to zen out::

  • Going on a stress-walk: it’s kinda like a stress ball, but instead you just go on a 10 minute walk. No phone. No music. No podcasts. Just you and your breath. Take as many as needed.

  • Binaural beats: I always talk about my obsession with Binaural beats on Instagram. Search for them on youtube. They’ll change your life if you’re a sound person like me.

  • Journaling: loving my “morning pages” practice. It’s basically a morning brain dump where you write everything down that’s floating (more like bouncing) around in your head and get it out onto paper. No rhyme. No reason. Just flow.


Of course there is way more to healing than just these four principles, but I’ve found out that no matter what else gets accomplished in a day, these four things keep me sane, grounded and ready for the day.

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